This mindfulness of breath meditation can be used wherever you are to anchor your attention in the present moment with your breath. The meditation enables you to take your attention back from the reactive thoughts and feelings of the mind that would otherwise keep you trapped in stress, overthinking, and distraction. It brings you back to your centre of pure being and awareness.

Have you ever been getting on with everyday activities only to realise that you have spent all of your time caught up in never-ending spirals of overthinking, without actually being present to those activities, perhaps missing all the blessings that could accompany those activities and reducing your life satisfaction as a result? Have you ever found yourself snapping at others because of the stressful thoughts in your head that have nothing to do with the people you are irritable with?

We all fall prey to the tendencies of the mind to trap us in thought and hijack our attention, taking us out of our inner space of resourcefulness, clarity and empowerment. Mindfulness — the practice of consciously directing our attention in the present moment without distraction or reactivity — is the key to reducing these tendencies.

This mindfulness of breath meditation not only equips you for being more mindful and less reactive, but also prepares you for integrating your life around your centre, which is where you exist as observer in a place of pure being and awareness. In this sense it goes beyond many conventional mindfulness meditations that are just devoted to coming back to the present moment and focusing attention. At the centre of us all is a state of consciousness not often talked about, and frequently overlooked. It is the key to our authentic self-development. Who are we deep down? Who are we beyond our makeshift personality? Who are we beyond our arbitrary identifications? Who are we in our centre? This mindfulness of breath meditation is your first step to answering that question!

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