Meditation has been used as a tool for self-realisation for thousands of years. In an earlier post, I listed meditation as one of the four ways of Finding Your True Self. Meditation is possibly the most powerful of the four ways. In this post I will show you how to meditate to find your true self, and I will provide you with a sample guided meditation that I have written that you can use. There is also an audio recording of this that you can listen to.

Meditation is the practice of focusing your attention inwards—without the distraction of your thoughts, feelings, and impulses, which normally trap the mind in reactivity. The kind of meditation that I am going to share with you in this post is one that connects you with your authentic self and true nature, and takes you into your most resourceful state by doing so. It is a key way to find inner peace, wisdom, truth, compassion, gratitude, and relaxation. By taking you out of the trap of the mind’s reactivity, it gives you freedom to be your true self, and to grow in self-realisation, wholeness, and wellbeing. Once you can find your true self, you can identify your authentic needs and authentic values and begin living your true life purpose.

What is the Difference Between Meditation and Mindfulness?

The difference between meditation and mindfulness is that meditation is more focused on self-realisation and inner experience, whereas mindfulness is an attitude—the practice of focusing your attention on the present moment without distraction or reactivity.

Mindfulness can be applied to all inner and outer activities, to deepen and clarify your presence and your experience of being. Meditation is an inner journey of self-realisation, in which you grow in self-awareness and self-realisation. Mindfulness can be used in meditation to enhance focus and self-awareness.

A meditation can be a guided journey, or it can have a one-pointed focus. Meditating with one-pointed focus on being is extremely powerful and liberating. In the meditation I provide below, I will combine elements of both.

Preparing to Meditate

  1. Set aside some quiet time for your meditation in a place that is free from distractions and interruption. This is time for you, and for being you. This is the greatest gift you can give yourself and others: your authenticity.
  2. Adjust the temperature and lighting for your comfort if you are indoors; if you are outside in nature then find the most comfortable spot.
  3. Sit or lie down, whichever is the most comfortable. You do not have to maintain any special posture, and if you choose to sit you can use a chair if you prefer. If you choose to lie down there may be a greater chance of falling asleep. If so, sitting comfortably is preferable.
  4. Now set your intention for your meditation. It may be to find a deeper connection with your true self, to experience true being, to find inner peace, to relax, or to grow in wisdom, compassion, and gratitude.

Guided Meditation

Sit comfortably and close your eyes.
Allow any thoughts and tensions of the day to fall away.
Feel the muscles of your body relax as you let go of any physical tension.
Especially the muscles of the jaw and the eyes,
And any areas that you notice are more tense than others.

Feel each muscle relaxing as you let go of tension there.
Now focus on your breath as you breathe in and out,
Allowing it to flow smoothly,
Breathing in from infinity
And out to infinity,
Keeping your awareness on the breath
As you become one with the flow of life,
At one with your being
As you breathe in from infinity
And out to infinity.
And as you do so, become aware of that place of peace within:
The place where you are most yourself—
The centre of your being.
This is the real you,
Beyond the thoughts, dramas, and identifications of the mind.
You are not your thoughts.
You are not your emotions.
You are not the roles you play.
You are a centre of pure awareness,
A centre of pure being.
Journey to this centre,

And allow yourself to become more and more present there
As you breathe in from infinity
And out to infinity.
Keep your attention on the experience of being
And be more deeply.
Imagine that in this centre you are light

And allow that light to grow and expand with your being
As you become more and more present.
Breathing in from infinity
And out to infinity.
Become your infinite self.
Feel the light and the peace of this being.
Allow the light to flow through your entire body
Bathing every organ, every muscle, every cell,
Aligning your body to its true identity.
Allow the light to expand outwards around your body as if you are glowing,
As you breathe in from infinity
And out to infinity.
Feel the roots of your physical being going deep into the Earth,
Touching all living things with your light,

And realise how you are connected with the Earth.
Give thanks for the life you have
And the opportunity to be in physical form
Which teaches you the wisdom of authentic living.

Celebrate your true self,
Breathing in from infinity
And out to infinity.
As you stay present in your centre,
Experience your light radiating outwards through your locality,
Outwards across your country,
Across the world, and across time and space.
Feel your connection with all things.
You are an infinite self.
When you are ready, come back to your physical body,
In the present moment,
Keeping your attention on your breath,
Feeling yourself fully present in your body,
And slowly open your eyes,
Feeling fully grounded and centred
And ready to greet the rest of the day
With greater presence,
Greater authenticity,
Greater wisdom,
Greater peace,
Greater compassion,
And greater gratitude for life.

You can listen to this meditation here on my YouTube Channel.

Meditation and Your Inner Wellness

Using meditation to find the inner space to connect with your authentic self and true nature is essential for your Inner Wellness. It is one of the three powerful techniques you can use in my Inner Wellness Sessions to release your inner blocks and enhance your health and fulfilment. Whether you are new to meditation or an old hand, learn how it can help you further along your path to vibrant health and self-development by booking your complimentary Inner Wellness session with me. Click here for more details.

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