Compassion is the practice of being present to the suffering of ourselves and others and responding from our heart with a desire to relieve this suffering with kindness, caring, and support.

When we think of suffering we need to be clear about what exactly constitutes suffering. The experience of pain and loss caused by war, disease, and poverty are common examples of human experience that shape our idea of suffering. However, suffering occurs in many forms that escape our everyday attention. It occurs whenever the flourishing of life and the self-realisation of the authentic self is blocked. If we do not flourish, we suffer from the potential denied us, and the consequences of this. If we do not become self-realised as an authentic self, we suffer by living a life of dissociation, false identity, conflict, and delusion. Without knowing who we really are, we can never know what we really need!

Be Aware of Your Own Suffering

When we look to the war-torn countries of the world; the growing epidemics of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes; and the growing gulf between the rich and the poor, it is clear that there is a need for compassion in our world to relieve this suffering. However, the suffering that we overlook within each and every one of us holds us all back from embodying our full potential and honouring the life that we are all part of. When we continuously overlook our own suffering, suffering will not only afflict us, but also all life. When we look at the world and wonder when wars will stop, when diseases will be wiped out, and when people will be brought out of poverty, we stand culpable if we have not considered how each and every one of us are contributing to that collective reality.

Our greatest disability is the withholding of our full potential to embrace our authentic self and honour our connectedness with all things. The existence of a homogenised mass culture that restricts our perception of our authentic needs and our potential for self-realisation ensnares us in a honeypot that keeps our attention forever bound in reactive living. But the good news is that mindfulness can break that trance, while compassion can motivate us to end our suffering.

The Power of Compassion

Compassion is actually a powerful force for positive change in our world if it is harnessed. The lost secret of compassion is that it can be used to raise our awareness of all forms of suffering, including our own suffering that limits and distorts our capacity for living life magically, and to motivate us to relieve that suffering. If we are experiencing stress, inner blocks, and health problems, compassion is a key tool, along with mindfulness, for seeking out the root suffering behind these states and alleviating it. If we want to improve our relationships with each other and all life and help change the world for the better, compassion and mindfulness will together support us in making life better for all for generations to come.

It is time to open your compassionate heart. Stop looking to others to change you or the world, when your own compassion is the most powerful force you have to use. With compassion and mindfulness alone, you have everything you need to progress in your growth and wellness and add authentic value to the world. Compassion is the Signature State of Inner Wellness.

It is time to understand and show up for yourself and others with compassion. It is time to see through the distraction, addiction, and frustration of reactive living, and to build greater peace, love, and fulfilment from the heart of your authentic self.

Developing the Power of Compassion

We can develop the power of compassion by using mindfulness to direct our attention back to our centre, where we can tune into our heart. What does this mean? When we bring our attention back to our centre, letting go of the distraction of our reactive thoughts, we realise that as observer we are a centre of pure being, and that in this centre is our true nature, where love and compassion are revealed as the natural way of relating to ourselves and all life. We do not have to intellectualise the process or try to be compassionate. We simply have to practise it, from the most resourceful state available to us, and we will naturally be it. It is profoundly healing.

If you would like some support to assist you with this process, my Compassionate Heart Sessions can help you to get into the most resourceful state for this practice, and give you the tools for compassion and mindfulness, and the skills and strategies to use them well. With greater compassion and mindfulness you can start to release the suffering of inauthentic living caused by the reactive mind, dissolving stress, anxiety, and depression, and healing your separation from your True Nature. With greater compassion you will increase your Inner Wellness and become more fulfilled through your growing Self-Realisation. Click here to learn how to begin living the magic of your compassionate heart.

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