True Life Purpose Consultations

Unlock the full potential of your True Self and your True Life Purpose.
Increase your fulfilment. Enhance your health. Have great relationships.
Gain the vision to make clearer, more authentic life choices.

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True Life Purpose Consultations

Helping you live your True Life Purpose

My True Life Purpose Consultations are designed to help you to:

  • Use mindfulness as an empowering practice
  • Find your True Self and discover its needs
  • Create a strong centre for expressing your True Self
  • Identify your Life Gifts and your True Life Purpose
  • Clear your blocks to living your True Life Purpose
  • Clear the stress, anxiety, and depression of your blocked life purpose
  • Implement your True Life Purpose with goal setting
  • Be accountable to yourself
  • Have healthy relationships that support your True Life Purpose


“I had an Authentic Living consultation with Leigh and was very pleased
with the outcome. 
He guided me through a process to highlight the areas
my life which needed  attention, giving me practical solutions to progress
and evolve. Leigh has a very natural ability to 
support those who wish to
make changes in their lives for the better!”

– Chris, Coventry, UK

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