One of the best things that we can do is to stay present in our Centre. This is a place of clarity, power, and compassion, where the blessings of life pour forth, and where we are at our most resourceful. When we are unaware of being out of our Centre, our life begins to run on autopilot and we become afflicted by stress, blocks, and debilitating states such as apathy and confusion.

Take a moment to consider how centred you are at the moment, and how your current position in life reflects this. Do you experience daily gratitude, and find joy and compassion overflowing in your heart? Does your health reflect the vitality of your spirit? Do your goals get consistently met in the many areas of your life as you evolve in your self-development? Pay attention to these details as they are a barometer of your Inner Wellness.

The importance of staying present in our Centre is why my Centring Technique is used as the first of many techniques in my Inner Wellness Strategy. An example of using this technique is to bring your awareness to your attention as observer, and then draw it back from the endless thoughts and reactions, onto the centre of your being, while affirming your true unconditioned nature. Focus on your breath as you breathe from this centre and know that you are not your thoughts, not your emotions, but a centre of pure being and awareness.

The Need for a Powerful Inner Wellness Strategy

To develop the state of Inner Wellness effectively, an Inner Wellness Strategy is required that delivers consistent, measurable results that improve your Inner Wellness and capacity for self-development.

This strategy needs to involve your mind, body, and spirit, and should be designed with a deep awareness of the human condition and of how to harness the power of your unconditioned nature or spiritual self.

I have developed such a strategy based on over 20 years of experience of taking people forward in their self-development, healing, and empowerment. It makes use of my mastery of effective skills and techniques for consciousness-change, of which I am a recognised authority.

If you are interested in discovering how this Inner Wellness Strategy can benefit you, click here to book a FREE 45-minute online or phone session with me in which we will discuss how you can:

  • Get clear about your current situation, future direction, and life potential.
  • Identify the true blocks and patterns that hold you back, and their root cause.
  • Discover how to clear these with the right tools to be the best version of you.

Until next time, stand strong in your centre, and shine with the light of your true nature.

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