Stress, anxiety, and depression are unresourceful states that affect most, if not all of us, given the nature of the society and culture that we live in. 1 in 5 of us report suffering from anxiety and depression, and the unreported cases are likely to be even higher, particularly as we may not be fully conscious of having stress, anxiety, or depression. When we live inauthentically and under constant pressure from the drivers of mass society, it is no surprise that these states are affecting us, and that stress is becoming a killer, with stress-based illnesses like heart disease and cancer at epidemic levels and a leading cause of death. This is a big red flag that something has to change. I suggest that mindfulness and authentic living are key to transforming out of these states and to embodying true wellness. In this article I will discuss exactly how, and how my Inner Wellness Programme to clear stress, anxiety, and depression is of benefit.


Mindfulness is the practice of consciously directing our attention in the present moment, without reactivity or distraction. It can take us out of the reactive living that is like being on autopilot, so that we can stop suffering and choose more resourceful states. Mindfulness as a skill enables us to choose our responses by placing us in our power at our Centre as observer. It enables us to step out of the entanglement of our thoughts and emotions, so that we are no longer caught up in them, going from one thought or emotion to another. Taking a deep breath and reconnecting with our Centre as a conscious observer is the beginning of mindfulness.

Anxiety is a classic example of reactivity at work, where a stressor causes us to experience spirals of reactive overthinking and to build fearful limiting beliefs based on distortions of thought, which in turn become stressors in themselves. When stressors multiply like this with no reprieve, and when they start to form unconsciously and are sustained by high cortisol levels producing unnatural stress-feedback messages, we can very soon have Generalised Anxiety Disorder, and eventually, after our cortisol levels remain unnaturally high, and our adrenal glands start to burn out in the face of ineffective responses to our stressors, depression can take form with its tell-tale signs of hopelessness, helplessness, and fatigue. Even brain structures will change under the influence of cortisol to configure it for stress – but the good news is that these changes, like the thoughts and inner states that create them, are reversible!

Authentic Living

Authentic living is all about returning to our true nature, and letting go of the influences around us that condition our reactivity and inauthenticity. Very few people take the time to explore their Authentic Self. Indeed, authenticity is mistakenly seen by some as the practice of being true to our ego’s impulses! So let’s clarify what I mean by the Authentic Self. The Authentic Self is our essential identity behind the personality, found when we are in our Centre. It is not our thoughts. It is not our emotions. It is not the roles we play. It is a centre of pure being, connected with all that is.

Because the Authentic Self connects us with our true nature, it is the pathway out of resistance to life, love, and wholeness. This resistance is at the heart of any illness sabotaging our wellness. When we look at our lives and how well we are living, we only need to ask if life, love, and wholeness are supported and honoured by the systems we are living in. If they are not, neither is our wellness, and these systems can be exposed as inauthentic. Authentic living is about choosing life options that support wellness and support our embodiment of our Authentic Self and true nature of pure being. Stress, anxiety, and depression are feedback messages from our internal guidance system of how far we have moved out from our Centre and have dissociated from our Authentic Self.

On a side-note, the degree to which many of us have departed from authentic living can be seen in our attitude to nourishment. When we choose to eat processed foods and buy food grown in soils depleted of minerals, it is small wonder that we are probably not getting the minerals necessary to promote inner wellness, such as magnesium and zinc, in sufficient quantities. Magnesium deficiency in particular can leave us prone to stress, anxiety, and depression; and stress, anxiety, and depression further uses up our body’s magnesium stores. Authentic living, and a lifestyle centred on wellness will automatically shift our attention onto eating well, growing our own nutritious foods, and supporting those small organic farmers who care about mineralising the soil to create nutritious foods.

An Inner Wellness Strategy to Clear Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

I have designed my Inner Wellness Programme to help you clear debilitating states such as Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, and the blocks behind them, and to empower you to live with mindfulness and authenticity for greater inner wellness.

The state you are in is important to your inner wellness because it determines your health, authenticity, resourcefulness, and effectiveness, all of which are critical to your inner wellness. Your best state is always when you are in your Centre. Your Centre, as mentioned above, is where you exist as observer, connected with your true nature. Here you are not your thoughts, not your emotions, and not the roles you play, but a centre of pure being.

Regardless of genetic predispositions for neurochemistry, generalised stress, anxiety, and depression are feedback messages from your internal guidance system that you are not living from your Centre.

My Inner Wellness Programme will help clear stress, anxiety, and depression, and other unresourceful states while developing powerful states of inner wellness. The following steps are included in the Strategy:

Aligning to your Centre

The greatest healing, authenticity, resourcefulness, and perspective is gained when you connect to your Centre, where you exist as observer, connected with your true nature and all that is. From your Centre you can free yourself from the reactivity of your mind, integrate your life, and reconnect with your unconditioned self and the wisdom of your internal guidance system.


Mindfulness is the practice of consciously directing your attention in the present moment without reactivity or distraction. Reactivity and dissociation from our Centre or unconditioned self perpetuate our negative, unresourceful states. Mindfulness can be used to release reactivity and bring your attention back to your Centre. It can also be used to challenge the errors of thinking (cognitive distortions) that give rise to unresourceful states like stress, anxiety, and depression.

Energetic Clearing

Our physical body has a corresponding energy field and system of subtle energetic pathways and vortexes known as meridians, nadis, and chakras. The health of this energy body determines the health of our physical body and our state of mind. Stress, anxiety, and depression can be the end result of blocks and distortions in your energy field. By connecting to your Centre in the right way, you can clear blocks and distortions and restore the flow of life energy in your body and energy field. In my work as an EFT practitioner I have cleared countless instances of energy distortions in people’s energy fields, restoring inner wellness to them fast.

Your Free Inner Wellness Session

To help you see how these steps and my wider Inner Wellness Strategy are relevant to you, I’m offering you a free 45-minute online or phone session. In this session we will:

  • Identify the blocks to your inner wellness.
  • Discuss the causes of your stress, anxiety, or depression.
  • Discuss how these 3 Powerful Steps and Inner Wellness Strategy can clear your stress, anxiety, and depression and their underlying blocks, and support your inner wellness.

Because my techniques work with your wider energy system and work with the cooperation of your Unconditioned Self they are much quicker and successful than traditional counselling and life coaching.

To book your FREE session now, click here.

You may also like to watch my video about these 3 Steps here.


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