Are you frustrated, blocked, or stressed despite practising mindfulness or self-development?



In your COMPLIMENTARY INNER WELLNESS SESSION you will uncover what keeps you frustrated, blocked, and stressed, and how to MOVE FORWARD in your life, health, and relationships with my UNIQUE and POWERFUL strategy and techniques.

Self-Help That Works

Do you want to be FREE of stress, blocks, and confusion, and live in an empowered and resourceful  state of mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing, in which your life, health, and relationships flourish?

To develop this state of Inner Wellness effectively, an Inner Wellness Strategy is required that delivers consistent, measurable results. This strategy needs to involve your mind, body, and spirit, and should be designed with a deep awareness of the human condition and of how to harness the power of your unconditioned nature or true self.

I have developed such a strategy based on over 20 years of experience of taking people forward in their self-development, healing, and empowerment. It makes use of some powerful skills and techniques for consciousness-change, of which I am a recognised authority. I have learnt that the secret to such a strategy is to marry mindfulness and self-development with the unfolding of the true self.

I discovered that the problem with self-help programmes is that mindfulness practices lack a proper self-development strategy, and self-development strategies lack a proper mindfulness practice. Without the two working together, the results will be incomplete. This is why people who have practised mindfulness still find themselves stuck, and why life coaching only scrapes the surface and is vulnerable to self-sabotage.

If you are interested in discovering how my Inner Wellness Strategy can benefit you, you can register for a FREE 45-minute online or phone session with me in which we will discuss my Inner Wellness Strategy and how you can:

  • Find greater clarity about your current situation, future direction, and life potential.
  • Uncover the root blocks, patterns, and energetic disturbances that hold you back.
  • Discover how to clear these with the right tools to be the best version of you.

“Working with Leigh Tremaine on the Inner Wellness Programme has been a privilege and a life-affirming experience… When having met Leigh for the first time after listening to and observing one of his mindfulness workshops; and instantly recognising his authenticity, compassion, and knowledge, I had no reservations in embarking on a journey with Leigh to address the most significant areas of my life. The reward for this has been immeasurable.”

– Chris, Norfolk, UK

Meet Leigh

Hi! I am an author, therapist, mentor, and consultant for inner wellness and self-development. I will provide you with the best strategies and solutions for improving your life and wellbeing, and living your true life purpose.

With the help of mindfulness and the best self-development skills, I can help you to clear stress, inner blocks, and limiting patterns, and help you find greater awareness, resourcefulness, and authenticity.

By helping you to embody your authentic self, you will harness untapped support, guidance, and resources to fulfil your deepest, authentic needs and true life purpose, enhancing your health, relationships, and contribution to others.

My Story

My journey of Inner Wellness began when I grew up wondering who I really was and what my life was about. I discovered to my dismay that we often live on autopilot, without challenging our limiting assumptions and patterns of living. Often the voice of our true nature is drowned out by the noise of our lives, while disempowering thoughts and feelings sabotage our health and success. I saw that by leaving our authentic self out, we will inevitably remain unfulfilled, reactive, and unhappy.

After graduating from university, my passion for inspiring others to open to their true nature for Inner Wellness grew over the years as I trained in counselling, meditation, and holistic therapies, and began leading community and international groups to this end.

Between 1996-2004 I became a recognised authority on consciousness-change when I organised nine annual world meditation days that linked up thousands of people across the world in meditation—an event that made front page news and was measured by the Global Consciousness Project at Princeton University. People were inspired!

Today I am empowering a new community of conscious people to have greater health, life fulfilment, and happiness. Join us and learn how to free yourself from the blocks that hold you back; how to clear stress, frustration, and debilitating states; and how to develop your potential and connect with the power of your true, unconditioned nature.  For more information, book a COMPLIMENTARY INNER WELLNESS SESSION.

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Inner Wellness Sessions

Identify and unlock the potential of your true self and life purpose. Start clearing your blocks and their manifestations of stress, anxiety, or depression. Use my powerful strategy for living a healthy, fulfilling, and purposeful life.

Listen to My Audio Book

The key to authentic success is the ability to stay present with mindfulness. This exclusive audio book describes 7 strategies for achieving authentic success with mindfulness. Includes guided meditations and visualisations.

Read the Inner Wellness Blog

Take away some great insights and explanations of mindfulness, wellness, and authentic living by reading the inspirational articles in my blog. Never before has mindfulness been taken to such a wide-ranging, full conclusion!

Work With Me for Positive Change

Inner Wellness Sessions

Get your complimentary online or phone session with me and learn about your inner blocks and how to clear them. Learn about the life-changing Inner Wellness Strategy you can use with me to create Inner Wellness. I also provide Inner Wellness sessions for couples, groups, communities, and organisations who want help building healthy, supportive relationships.

Seminars and Webinars

For an in-depth exploration of how to find greater Inner Wellness, a seminar or webinar is a great choice. The information, skills, and strategies will support you in your self-development, authenticity, and wellbeing, and improve your personal, professional, and wider community and ecological relationships. Take a look at my blog to see the range of topics.


Invite me to speak at your event or arrange an interview with me. I will share my best skills and strategies for Inner Wellness and developing your Full Life Potential that will benefit your health, career, relationships, community, and environment. Contact me for a media pack or take a look at my blog to discover the range of topics that I speak on.

What Others Say

Supporting Life Changes


“I had an Authentic Living consultation with Leigh and was very pleased with the outcome… Leigh has a very natural ability to support those who wish to make changes in their lives for the better!”

— Chris, Coventry, UK

Learning on Every Level


“Leigh’s sincerity and dedication to his spiritual practice radiate from him. The depth of Leigh’s knowledge and insight facilitate learning on every level, and his workshop shone with peace.”

— Kate, Coventry, UK

Exciting and Extraordinary


“Well delivered talk with exciting and extraordinary information that makes you thirsty to hear more.”

— Angela, Birmingham, UK

From the Inner Wellness Blog

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Mindfulness of Breath Meditation

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9 Powerful Benefits of Mindfulness

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How to Meditate

How to Meditate

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A Meditation to Find Your True Self

A Meditation to Find Your True Self

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The One Thing Healthy Relationships Need

The One Thing Healthy Relationships Need

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3 Powerful Steps to Clear Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

3 Powerful Steps to Clear Stress, Anxiety, and Depression

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Finding Your Life Purpose

Finding Your Life Purpose

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Finding Your True Self

Finding Your True Self

Finding your true self, or your authentic self, is the most important thing that you can do for authentic living, for your self-development, and for you to achieve real happiness, inner success, and wellbeing. Finding your true self is your biggest life solution. It...

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Time to Leap into Your New Life!


Being fully present with mindfulness is the key for releasing your reactivity and unresourceful states. It is the key for you to open up to the magic that is waiting for YOU when you are developing your full self and living your Full Life Potential.

Claim your FREE online or phone session with me, and discover how to clear your inner blocks, stress, and frustration, and develop greater mindfulness, resourcefulness, and Inner Wellness so you can live the life you were meant for.

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